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The Emperor: Large and In Charge

Just as the Empress represents the Mother archetype, the Emperor symbolizes the Father principle. With male authority, we can think of the military and police or law and order. The Emperor card is the Number Four in the Major Arcana. Four represents order and stability. In astrology the 4th House stands for home and family and this same principle applies here in the Tarot: the idea of structure in whatever area is important to the individual. There is a sense of safety we feel around a person who gives off a strong and powerful vibe. However, the shadow side of the Emperor is rigidity and being overly controlling. The mentality of "might makes right" can overpower those who are less ambitious or power-seeking. But all in all, the Emperor is a card associated with worldly status and security. Four represents foundation and foundation is necessary for a sense of security and continuity in life.

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