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The Fool's Journey: A Trip Through the Major Arcana of the Tarot

Recently I finally obtained my custom URL (, which had been attached to a former website company I had been using for over a year. One day in late October I discovered that my site's server had gone down. I ended up switching companies and during this period have decided to utilize this blog feature. I still haven't decided exactly how to incorporate Facebook into my business, however I have been wanting to write a series of blogs related to each card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot starting with The Fool. So if this interests you, please keep an eye out for the next blog post because I will be starting it very soon.

In other news, Mercury Retrograde begins on Monday, December 19th. Have you noticed any haywire activity in the shadow period? Before and after the official retrograde, planets can act funky as well. With Mercury Rx, the big complication seems to revolve around communication (written and verbal), transportation, and electronic devices. The strange thing is that I remember a fellow astrologer announcing the launch of his new website and he did it during a Mercury Rx! I wanted to ask him what was up because the standard advice is to wait until after the retrograde has ended to begin a new venture. And not only was this a launch but it involved the Internet and therefore communication. Perhaps this astrologer wanted to prove to himself that he was not in the Matrix anymore and therefore not subject to its laws. A part of me thought it was cool that an astrologer of all people would defy the laws of the transits like he did! Ultimately astrology should never be a route towards superstition but always a tool of self-empowerment. If someone feels compelled to launch their business and yet is not sure because some planet is retrograding, following one's heart and intuition seems to be a wise piece of advice.

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