The Magician: Alchemist in Action

I remember being a kid and doing magic tricks. There were kits that contained different props like a slot that you put quarters into and made them disappear. I loved it so much! I also would read books about how to do various sleights of hand. It was fascinating to learn how to position cards in order to trick people into believing that it was all random when I was shuffling the cards. Mixed up in all of these ideas of magic is the notion of fooling people into thinking something is true that is false. In other words, it wasn't really magical at all. I never resonated with magic because it seemed too concerned with manipulating matter. I especially associated it with trying to control others

The Fool as an Archetype for 2017

This week I want to explore the first card in the Major Arcana. In looking at the new year which is upon us, you may have heard that we are beginning a fresh numerological cycle in that 2017 is a 1 Universal Year. This is calculated by adding up 2 + 0 + 1 +7. Last year was a 9, which meant the end of certain ways of life. But all of us have Personal Years in addition to the Universal Year so there are layers to our cycles and we have to also take that into account. The Fool is not a one but a zero. And zero is a number of the Eternal. It is pure potential. This is why the Tarot card (traditional Rider-Waite-Coleman, I mean!) depicts The Fool as a young man on a journey with a very light load

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