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The Magician: Alchemist in Action

I remember being a kid and doing magic tricks. There were kits that contained different props like a slot that you put quarters into and made them disappear. I loved it so much! I also would read books about how to do various sleights of hand. It was fascinating to learn how to position cards in order to trick people into believing that it was all random when I was shuffling the cards. Mixed up in all of these ideas of magic is the notion of fooling people into thinking something is true that is false. In other words, it wasn't really magical at all.

I never resonated with magic because it seemed too concerned with manipulating matter. I especially associated it with trying to control others through controlling matter. However, these days I totally embrace the concept of magic. After learning about the Law of Attraction, I see human beings in their highest expression as alchemists. We change our circumstances from the undesirable to our wildest dreams by our intentions. Our intentions are how we go about manifesting wanted outcomes. There is something very down-to-Earth and practical about seeing life as not dependent on anything outside of ourselves. The Magician has all the tools he needs on his table. He is self-sufficient in that regard and the Number One represents individuality and the person who relies on self for substanence and bringing things into manifestation.

Are you stepping up to the plate of your own life? Do you have a self-empowered view of your situations? Some people are fatalistic and believe that life happens to them. They will not realize all the tools they possess right this moment to begin the act of creating an intentional life. This is a life where you are calling the shots. You are not passive anymore--you are going for your dreams. However you realize that you have resources you never even knew about. You have the power of Thought to inspire you into innovative ideas. You have talents that you can utilize to enhance whatever it is you are endeavoring to get off the ground. See life as magical! Embrace your inner alchemist and who knows what you will manifest!

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