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The High Priestess: I Know There's Something Going On...

One of my favorite Tarot cards is the High Priestess. Although I used the Rider-Waite deck when I started offering Tarot readings, I am now exclusively using the Morgan-Green deck and one thing they have in common is a similar depiction of characters in most of the cards. And the High Priestess is one card that maintains similar colors (blue is predominant) and image of the woman on the card.

Following the Magician, which is the masculine (yang), outer manifestation of self-empowerment, the High Priestess creates her magic within. Rather than manipulating the outer world or directing her energy towards matters of the world, she goes within (yin). While the Magician is making things happening in the world, the High Priestess is waiting for things to fall into place. Therefore, patience is emphasized with her energy. Passivity is sometimes what is called for in a situation rather than opposing one's will on the matter. I think of the Hanged Man as a similar directive regarding waiting and allowing.

We live in a world that generally encourages us to seek the opinions of "experts" when we have questions about various matters. However we do not live in a society that urges us to go within; to "be still and know." This is where the High Priestess resides--the inner world. The place where we connect to our Higher Self, which is always communing with Source. The balance of the inner and outer worlds is something to strive for in order to make choices which are best for us and at the same time put those choices into actions which yield tangible results. After all, we all live on Earth and must deal with material matters. By tuning into our soul needs, we can marry the physical and the non-physical in ways which best suits our needs at the present time.

us best.

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