Thanksgiving Musings

This morning I took a walk on a chilly and damp Thanksgiving Day. The streets were deserted but as soon as I entered Whole Foods, there was a frenzy of late-minute shoppers for the big day. I was able to get what I needed and made my way back home. Nothing earth-shattering about what I did or what I saw but perhaps that is the biggest challenge--truly being able to understand how blessed I am. Sometimes the mundane nature of our tasks can blind us to the beauty of yellow leaves contrasting the tin-colored sky. The Magician card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot is all about how we have everything we need to create the life of our dreams. But first we have to see ourselves as possessing those tools. As soon as we think we need something more, we lose the self-empowered vibration that is resourceful because it sees itself as not lacking. That is the attitude of gratitude that I wish to always celebrate and share with others on this day and every other day.

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