Two full-length readings for one great price! For those people who are looking for a comprehensive type of reading, this one is a combination of at least 60 minutes analyzing your Natal chart and discussing the 12 months of astrological influences but also a full-length Tarot reading (at least 45 min. long) which utilizes a modified Celtic Cross spread. This Tarot reading is filmed and posted on my private non-commercial YouTube channel and I send you the link to that as well as the mp3 audio of the Natal chart portion. The price is $82.44 for almost 2 hours in total reading time (a savings of  over $20). *Note: I can also do an extended transits reading instead of interpreting the chart or an extended love reading--just let me know how you wish to utilize the astrology portion of the reading.

The Whole Enchilada: Natal Chart + Tarot Reading (2 Full-Length Readings)

  • Readings are meant for entertainment purposes only. For any serious matters you must consult a professional in that area of concern. Because I approach readings as opportunities for personal growth through awareness, I am not offering magical solutions that do not require effort on your part to make your dreams come true. Therefore you may hear things that challenge your current beliefs and encourage you to take inspired action based on what feels right for you. Please understand this before getting a reading. If I have completed your reading, there cannot be a refund because my time must be honored. While I cannot change anyone's life, I do wish to be a part of your journey towards self-discovery!