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Policies for Raina Moon Astrology Readings

You must be at least 18 years of age to get a reading.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. For serious matters, you must consult the appropriate professional. 

I am not a psychic in the classic sense of the word, which means that I don't read minds. I also do not believe that our lives are totally pre-determined. Therefore, my approach to readings is with an attitude of self-empowerment over an emphasis on fate.

Please send your date, time and place of birth in an email after paying to: Include the info of another person if the reading is about both of you, as well as a brief overview of the situation at hand.

I am pretty responsive after receiving payment but I do sleep once in a while or am out and about so please allow 24 hours just in case.

My turnaround time for readings is ususally within 48 hours of payment but can vary based on demand. When I acknowledge your payment, I will give you a tentative date for sending out your reading. Please wait an additional 24 hours before contacting me if I have not sent out your reading by the date given. This makes it easier for me not having to keep track of as many emails.

*No refunds will be offered for any reading which has already been completed. After I acknowledge your payment, you have the chance to ask for a refund & I am happy to do so. However, once I complete the reading, all sales are final. My time and energy must be respected. I put effort into every reading. You must be willing to accept the finished product as it is, regardless of your expectations going into it. Sometimes we may not get what we thought we wanted but it's still valuable anyway! 

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